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What is ecology and how is it divided?


Ecology is a branch of biology focused on how organisms interact with each other and their environment. It's a vast field that's divided into multiple sub-disciplines. These include population ecology, studying groups of the same species, and community ecology, focusing on interaction between different species. Ecosystem ecology looks at energy flow and cycling of elements among organisms in a community and their environment. Lastly, there's global ecology that examines the biosphere and the large-scale interactions between organisms and the Earth.

What are the living elements of the environment?


The living elements of the environment can be broadly described as the organisms that inhabit and interact with the environment. These elements include animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria, as well as the organisms that depend on them. The living elements of the environment are essential to the healthy functioning of our planet, providing numerous ecological services such as water filtration, soil fertility, and food production. They also play a key role in the global climate system, helping to regulate the temperature and oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Without the living elements of the environment, life on Earth would not be possible.