Where to Buy or Import Pumice Stones ?

Pumice stone where to buyWhere to buy pumice stone online ? Maybe you have this rarely question in your mind. Just for the information pumice stone is a stone that existed from the volcanic eruption and experienced a very rapid temperature drop in seconds and make this porous stone.

Where ?

I actually worked at the Jeans Factory in Singapore and my boss usually order pumice stones from Indonesia. This supplier that I will introuced to you is from Indonesia. The pumice stone quality is very good and the price is cheap. Their pumice stone comes from Lombok which is famous of its pumice stone export quality. Visit this url below to find more information :


Quality ?

For the quality in my opinion is very good considering the price they offer is also quite cheap for this pumice stone. We usually order size  1-2 cm and 2-4 cm of approximately 5 containers for each month. When rubbed into jeans regardless of the color it produces pretty good.


For every sack they pack it into sacks and contains approximately 22 kg. No complaints at all for this quality stone.


For information only price is very cheap at that time I get the price of 3 USD for each sack containing 22 kg. This is the price of 3 USD or CNF price includes the shipping cost to Singapore.

Minimum Order

Their minimum order if I’m not wrong it’s around 1,100 sacks or 1 container 40 feet.

Want to buy pumice stone? You can go directly to the url above or can click here for more information. His service quality was pretty good too, import documents quickly created and sent to our company without any significant problems.

Hope my experience can help you in finding good pumice stone suppliers